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The 2023 Prime REVEX™ is the most stable and accurate platform on the market. With our exclusive center-gripped riser, REVEX bows have stability built in. Available in 32, 34, and 36 inch configurations, the REVEX can be both compact and forgiving. The all new CORE™ cam system features draw length specific mods that allows the REVEX to reach maximum efficiency at every draw length. Mods are available in draw lengths ranging from 26”-31.5”. The new Core cam still features our cam balancing technology that brings the strings and cables inline with each other, making this cam perfectly balanced throughout the draw cycle. The REVEX includes our Prime Nanogrip, which uses NASA-developed materials to shield your hand from freezing conditions. Visit your local Prime dealer and get connected with the new Prime REVEX.

Since its beginnings in 1922, Easton Archery has focused on offering innovative, high-quality products that enhance the end-user’s sporting experience. Easton revolutionized the sport of archery by introducing straight, consistent aluminum arrows in the 1940s, and has been the world’s leading archery innovator ever since. As the world leader, Easton shafts are used by more bowhunters, crossbowmen, 3D competitors, target shooters and Olympic archery competitors than all other brands

SEVR Broadheads were born to cut a huge fatal swath through big game and the broadhead market as you know it.

Straight Through It means we’ve cut the middleman out of the equation and only sell direct to you on this Web Site.  It means our heads cut bigger, cut deeper, and fly straighter than anything out there.  It means your satisfaction is guaranteed, period.

At Spot-Hogg, our goal has always been to provide archers with not just the highest of quality products, but with products that will help archers be more successful and have an overall more enjoyable experience. It has been our mission to help archers understand what to expect from their equipment

and how to get the most out of it. What began as an idea to create a better release aid in 1987 has turned into over two decades of archery ingenuity. We’ve came a long way since the days of assembling product on the kitchen table. Spot-Hogg is now producing products for thousands of archers

across the world, putting meat in the freezer, animals in record books, and hundreds of top finishes in the competitive world. With results like these, it’s no wonder why the best hunters and target archers in the world choose Spot-Hogg, the World’s Toughest Archery Products.

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